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Reports and Statistics

This is practically the output of the Analyticom ERP system. The Reports and Statistics module is a powerful tool which provides various reports, analyses, and statistics across all functional modules e.g. Procurement, Leaves, Presence, Employees, Activities, Business trips and Planning, that can be further filtered, customized and adjusted through various input parameters and custom settings.

Reports, analyses and statistics can be viewed in the system, in the form of lists, graphs, or dashboards or they can be exported into PDF, Excel, and other formats. They can also be scheduled and delivered recurringly via e-mail. The same base information can be viewed from the most relevant angle for a particular purpose. The data is real-time, meaning that any change in the system is immediately reflected in the reports.

All of these analyses and statistics provide clarity and transparency into all lines of business and enable managers to be more effective, identify issues faster, and make better business decisions based on real facts. This is one of the most useful parts of the system since it enables you to use various reports and statistics when creating business benchmarks and measuring your progress over the time.



Open the Procurement console to run a report on list of orders. Use filters such as Organization, Person, Activity organization, Activity, Activity type, Category or Activity status to specify your report.


The Report on the list of orders can be saved as Excel, PDF, Word or CSV file. You can sort results by ID, Document No., Process type etc.



This console is mainly used to check the Leave saldo report and Employees leaves report. Choose the one you need by pressing the button 'Run report'.



The Presence report can be very useful for payroll since it automates attendance of all the employees in the organization. It enables you to have a clear overview of absence, presence and overtime.


To check attendance on the particular date, by name or by presence type, choose to run the 'Employee attendance' report.


Run the 'Employee attendance grouped by type report' for structured data needed for payroll. Choose between Table and Tree view.



This console enables you to get various statistics reports.


Some reports are:

Number of employees by degree


Expiration of part-time contracts


Number of employees by gender


Employees by years



Reports on the Activities can be prepared in this section.


Business trips

All reports in connection with Business trips can be prepared in this section.



This console enables you to create and view all reports for business planning.


Creating AdHocReport templates

Step 1. Run some adHocReport as usualy.

Picture shows example on Activities report Employee time per day.


Step 2. When report is generated, it is now possible to save the report as a report template - as shown on the picture below. Therefore, write the name of the report template and click on button Save.


Step 3. After first report template is saved, please notice that on the left/main menu it has appeared a new menu item called MyReport. It shows all saved report templates per user.


Report formatting parameters – decimal places

This is property tab with global report parameters.

„Decimal places“ parameter allows users to set number of decimal places for numeric values in all reports.