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Have you experienced problems with the ERP?

Please submit a new ticket and select a priority during ticket creation.

What to do when supplier has sent the wrong proposal or has entered the wrong prices or has not uploaded the proposal or RFP expired before the proposal has been submitted?

Please contact your Procurement Administrator who has all user roles needed for solving these types of problems.

You are in the process of creating a new order but you cannot find the specific product in the system?

Please contact your Procurement Administrator who has the user role needed for importing the new products in the system.

A Project is not on the list and I cannot order on the Project, now what do I do?

Please double check if the Project status is set to “OPEN” and ask your Project Manager to assign you to one of the project tasks. Finally, all orders on the Project must be confirmed by Project Manager.

I cannot choose the supplier/ partner in the RFP process, what should I do?

Please double check if the RFP expiry date has passed; also check if at least one of the proposals is submitted, if none, you should extend the deadline for submitting proposals. Please contact your Procurement Administrator.