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User roles in charge of adding, changing or deleting stadium data records:

  • SUPERUSER of the national association
  • administrator of clubs in national/regional associations

Data fields specific to stadiums as organizations:

  • information about capacity (Selection A)
  • list of parts/sectors (Selection B)
  • list of clubs playing on that stadium (Selection C)
  • stadium photos (Selection D)
  • calendar of matches (Selection E)
Stadiums Tabs.png

A click on a "Matches" tab opens a calendar of all scheduled matches that were or will be played on that stadium. It shows matches of all clubs using that stadium. On the first screen open all the matches scheduled for a current month, but it is also possible to review matches by month, week or by day (See image bellow).

Stadium matches.png

All other data segments are the same as for associations (i.e. general data, contacts, status log).

"Colour" of the Competition

While creating the competition, there is a functionality that enables you to select the colour of the competition so that all the matches of the respective competition appear on the calendar marked in a previously selected colour. In order to do so, press the "Edit" button, select the desired colour and then press the "Save" button.

Boja natjecanja2 (2).png

After that, upon the click on the "Matches" tab of the desired stadium, all the matches played on that stadium will appear marked in accordance with the previously selected competition colour.

Calendar (2).png