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Reports and Statistics

COMET can generate more than 450 reports, analyses and statistics related to players, coaches, referees, clubs, disciplinary, competitions, organizations and national teams. Clear design and report dependent parameters enables easier orientation when looking for a specific information. The main features are:

New reporting engine.png

A click on each menu item will open its respective reports and statistics.

Menu reports.jpg

In the left corner of the image below you can see all the parameters that define this specific report. Results can be exported in Excel, pdf or Word.


Clubs and players

Entering the Clubs and players Reports and Statistics screen, you can enter various search criteria, that can make your search easier and bring you more specific results. Bellow is the list of Reports related to Clubs and Players.

Clubs and Players3.jpg

Number of players by category shows how many players per age group/category one club has. This report can be exported to Excel, Word, pdf or CSV and one can choose between various charts such as pie, line, bar or donut.

Number of players by category2.png

Coaches and Stuff

Click on the menu item Coaches and Stuff in order to obtain all the reports and statistics related to coaches and club staff.

In you search, you can use various criteria on the right side, that can make your job easier. You can select the organization, the club, the status, etc.

Coaches and Stuff2.jpg

Referees and Officials

In order to get the Referee and Staff reports and statistics, you can enter following search criteria to specify the results: rounds, mach date and referee category (FIFA Referee, National Referee, Regional Referee, Local Referee or Apprentice).

Referees and Officials.jpg

Most often used reports and statistics are delegates, referees and referee observers appearances.


Most Competition Reports and Statistics are used on regular bases. In order to get this Reports, Organization and Competition are mandatory fields. You can enter dates or rounds to specify the period of interest, or you can use any other search criteria.


The report Card and (cleared) suspensions by rounds provides, among others, the information about accumulated yellow cards. In order to get this report, you have to select the competition. The system generates the report using all the data of clubs that participate in that competition.

The legend explains the values of marked fields, played matches and the matches that have not been played yet.

Cards and suspensions1.png

Further on in the report there is data of all other clubs participating in the competition.


You can enter various search criteria to specify the search. You can select: Organization, Competition, Club, and one of the Types, that can be organization or person. Depending on the Type you select, you will get two different drop down lists while entering the Offender Type.


The most used reports are: the List of sanctions and suspensions and the Detailed list of cases and sanctions by club. In order to get the individual list of sanctions and suspensions, enter the following search criteria: Season, Competition, Club and Type (person or organization). When you select Person from the drop-down list Type, one more field will appear bellow, the field Offender type, and now you can select a desired person.

National Teams

There are lots of reports available related to National Teams. Narrow your search by setting parameters on the right side of the screes.



The last section covers all reports and statistics related to organization e.g. National Football Association such as: List of clubs and stadiums with geolocation, Number of organizations by type, List of registrated intermediaries, etc.

List of clubs12.jpg

List of clubs (below) with their geolocation can be used as the report to see in which region football is widely spread.

List of clubs2.png