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Players transfers

In simplest terms, a transfer of a player between two clubs will manifest in Comet as the termination of the current active registration (registration for the Club of Origin or Releasing club) and input of a new registration for player’s new club (registration for the Destination Club or Engaging Club). Based on the relationship between the parent association of the origin and destination clubs (a.k.a. Releasing and Engaging clubs), we can identify two types of transfers:

  • Domestic transfer = club of origin and destination club are in the same country
  • International transfer = club of origin and destination club are in two different countries

Note: Registration can be terminated only if there is no active contract for the player. Therefore, if there is still an active contract between the player and the club of Origin, this contract must be terminated first.

Domestic transfers

There are two ways to execute a transfer within the same country which depend on the user's level of access:

One-step transfer

One-step transfer is called that way because the realization of it demands a very simple process which takes place within the framework of one registration center. The authorization to carry out the "One-step transfer" depends on the user's position in the organizational hierarchy. This transfer is triggered from the “Active Registrations” tab of the player by clicking on the “Transfer” button. A new section of the screen allows entry of the new registration details, mainly the selection of the destination club. User also needs to enter the end date of the existing registration and the start date of the new registration. Most other entry fields are already filled by the system. When the transfer is completed, the registration for player’s current club is automatically terminated and a new one is created for the destination club (typically in status ENTERED). Both actions are logged in player’s history.

Figure 31.png

As always, the new registration needs to be confirmed by the responsible authority

Two-step transfer

Two-step transfer are logistically more complex because they involve actions from two different registration bodies. First, the player needs to be released from his current club. This means that his/her active registration for the club of origin will be terminated. Termination of registration will be done by the appropriate authority from the current registration body or it could be done by the club itself, if proper access is granted. This user should select the appropriate reason for the termination. Note: Remember to check for active contracts as well, since you will not be able to remove a registration if there is a contract in place. Once the termination is complete, the player becomes available for new registration. Second step is to register the player for his new club. This is done by the registration center of the destination club or by the new club itself, if proper access is granted. The process of searching for a player, viewing player details, and adding a new registration should be familiar. For detailed instructions, refer to those sections in the manual.

Transfer details

If the system recognizes that the current registration of a player is the result of a player transfer, then the “Transfer details” button appears inside the registration frame. “Transfer details” button will initially be accessible ONLY to the Superuser role of any national or regional association. Any other users of your affiliated organizations who should be authorized to view or modify this information will require an additional new role of Transfer Administrator. (This role has already been added with the appropriate authorizations. Superuser will have the ability to add it to any existing user profile.)


Clicking the “Transfer details” button allows authorized persons to either view or add the transfer agreement and transfer payment details, as well as view or upload proof of payment for each payment installment. “Transfer details” dialog box pops up for viewing/entering this information.


The system sets both the releasing club (club of origin) and the engaging club (destination club) of a transfer automatically but allows the end-user to select a different releasing club if needed. The list contains only clubs that appear in player’s history in Comet.


In the rest of the screen the user needs to provide all the relevant information related to payment details that are specified in the transfer agreement. First, the user must select the currency. Next, by clicking the “+ Add payment details” button the system adds a new row in “Payments” list. Here the user needs to choose a payment type and the amount or percentage, as expected.


Click “+ Instalment” button to add one or more instalments. Instalment details are expected for most payment types, and each instalment must have a payment date as well. The list of transfer payment types is created based on the definitions available in FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, validated again in our discussion with the FIFA team.

  • Fixed transfer fee
  • Conditional transfer fee
  • Release (buy-out) fee
  • Sell-on fee

Sell-on fee is the only payment type which expects percentage and not amount and as such does not expect definition of instalments.


Once all payment details are inserted, user may save the changes. Required fields are highlighted in red with a notification message and there is validation which makes sure that:

  • type is unique per transfer (it’s not possible to add more than one entry of same type)
  • sum of instalment amounts is equal to the total amount specified on payment detail
  • amounts are positive numbers
  • percentages are between 0-100

If everything is set-up correctly, transfer payment details are successfully saved.


Payee type toggle

A toggle exists to choose a payee type:

  • organization from the limited list of options (clubs where player had registration in same sport)
  • organization from the unlimited list of all options
  • person from the limited list of options (player)
  • person from the unlimited list of options

Toggling payee type changes icon which should say more about the list of options. Only authorized users will be able to toggle payee type with the unlimited list of options.

Other important features to keep in mind. A copy of the transfer agreement can be and should be uploaded in the Documents section on this screen. As each payment installment is made by the Engaging club, an authorized user will be asked to mark each installment as paid, and can also upload Proof of payment document at this point. This information will be sent to FIFA for purposes of FIFA Clearing House and the distribution of Training compensation and Solidarity contributions funds to the appropriate clubs.

Note: Transfer details feature is visually represented with a handshake icon. Icon is crossed if no information is entered. The same visual aid will also be displayed in the History tab and on “National transfers” console (for those tenants that use this option).


The specific instructions about the process of collecting and entering this data in Comet will be provided by each FIFA Member Association to their own affiliated clubs.

International transfers

International transfers are governed by FIFA Regulations on Status and Transfer of Players. For updated information about FIFA rules and requirements that apply to your situation, please download the latest documents from

Dolazak iz inozemstva

Igrači registrirani u jednom savezu mogu se registrirati u novi savez tek kada novi savez zaprimi International Transfer Certificate (ITC) iz prijašnjeg saveza.

Kada igrač dolazi iz inozemstva, Odjel međunarodnih poslova registrira igrača za klub porijekla. Izaberite "Prvu registraciju" u sekciji igrača iz lijevog menija i popunite osobne informacije i detalje vezane za prethodnu organizaciju i klub. Registracija se automatski postavlja u status POTVRĐEN.


Nakon toga, registracija igrača se raskida, a kao razlog raskida potrebno je odabrati "internacionalni transfer". Registracija igrača sada je postavljena u status RASKINUT.


Administrator inozemnih poslova potom treba provjeriti nedostaju li neki potrebni podaci kako bi popunio Putovnicu igrača odnosno, mora unijeti sve retroaktivne registracije. Nakon toga, klub ili registracijski uredi su zaduženi provesti transfer do kraja i registrirati igrača za klub u koji prelazi odabirom opcije "New int. registration" tj. nova međunarodna registracija.


Kad se prikaže novi ekran, popunite informacije o novom klubu poput: Organizacije, imena kluba, discipline, razine... Status se automatizmom mijenja na UNESEN (INT). Sada ćete moći isprintati ITC Request tj. zahtjev za ITC-jem.


Kada se zaprimi ITC release, moći ćete promijeniti status u ODOBREN (INT) klikom na 'Izmijeni'. U nekim savezima, klubovi su ti koji mijenjaju status igrača u ODOBREN.


Ukoliko imate igrača koji je prethodno već bio registriran u sustavu, nije potrebno raditi Prvu registraciju, već nastavite tako što ćete jednostavno raskinuti prethodnu registraciju s razlogom 'International transfer' tj. 'Međunarodni transfer'.

Provisional clearance

If the new association does not receive a response to the ITC request within 15 days of the ITC request being made for professional players or 30 days for amateurs, it shall immediately register the player with the new club on a provisional basis (“provisional registration”). After 30 days, you will be able to print the Provisional clearance document by changing the status to PENDING (INT). A provisional registration shall become permanent one year after the ITC request.

Odlazak u inozemstvo

Kako bi se započeo proces odlaznog transfera, izaberite igrača s liste i pritisnite Izmijeni na aktivnoj registraciji.


Registracija igrača se raskida uz razlog "Odlazak u inozemstvo" i prelazi u status RASKINUT(INT).


Igrač je dostupan i nalazi se na listi igrača koji odlaze u inozemstvo.

Zatim Odjel međunarodnih poslova registrira igrača za klub u koji prelazi. Ukoliko klub već postoji u sustavu, korisnik samo mora unijeti "Novu međunarodnu registraciju" tj. "New int.registration".


U suprotnom, korisnik mora ručno kreirati klub. Status registracije je automatski postavljen u POTVRĐEN.


Nakon toga se može ispisati ITC Card. Savez koji izdaje ITC je dužan poslati kopiju FIFA-i.


I u slučaju kada igrač odlazi u inozemstvo, Administrator inozemnih poslova mora provjeriti nedostaju li neki potrebni podaci kako bi popunio Putovnicu igrača odnosno, mora unijeti retroaktivne registracije.