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Intermediaries in COMET

In accordance with FIFA Regulations on working with Intermediaries, in order to protect players and clubs from being involved in unethical and/or illegal practices and circumstances in the context of concluding an employment contract between players and clubs and of concluding transfer agreements there are clear rules defining a natural or legal person who, for a fee or free of charge represents players and/or clubs in negotiations with a view to concluding an employment contract or represents clubs with a view to concluding a transfer agreement. The intermediaries are legal or natural persons that represent players or clubs in negotiations regarding concluding contracts between players and clubs, or they represent two clubs in negotiations regarding a transfer from one club to another. COMER allows you to keep track of registered (licensed) intermediaries (natural or legal), of representation contracts between players and clubs and of intermediaries' participations in certain transactions (realizations of transfers of contracts).

Administrator of intermediaries

A user with a role of SUPERUSER, along with other permissions, has a permission to create Administrators of Intermediaries in the System. Administrator of Intermediaries, previously created in the system, can enter and change data of intermediaries (individuals and agencies) and can also enter data about contracts of representation and keep evidence of intermediaries in transactions (made in their national association).

Search and create intermediaries

To create or search for intermediaries in the system, click the menu item "Associations" on the main menu. Intermediaries may be natural or legal entities, for that reason, COMET allows two different types of entry, to reflect the current situation in accordance with the FIFA regulations.

IM 1.png

Intermediary agency (legal person)

Legal persons are entered in the system as "Intermediary agencies“, and the creation process is much like creating any other organization in the System.

IM 2.png

By selecting the "New intermediary agency" the screen for creating new intermediary agency will open. You must complete all the mandatory fields (according to the specifications of each association) and then save the new intermediary agency by clicking the “Save“ button. Intermediary agencies are registered at the level of national association, therefore as the organization is necessary to select the national association. Only the national association appears on the list of associations.

IM 3.png

Note: Each intermediary needs to have an Intermediary Declaration in accordance with the FIFA “Regulations on working with intermediaries“. As every other document, the System allows you to upload the Declaration, if your Association requires so.

Intermediary (natural person)

Natural persons representing the players / clubs are entered into the system as “Intermediaries“. The process of registration of intermediaries is similar to the process of registration of any other person in the COMET system.

IM 5.png

To create a new intermediary, press the menu item “New intermediary“. On the new screen that opens automatically enter all mandatory data and then press the “Save“ button in order to successfully save a new intermediary in the System. If a person already exists in the System, you will need to load it and then using the „New registration“ button to register it in the System as intermediary. Intermediaries, as well as intermediary agencies are registered in the System at the level of national associations. The System also allows you to register agents for their intermediary agency so that you can keep track of them and consult the statistic data. In that case, while entering the mandatory data, the national association and the intermediary agencies will appear on the list for selecting organization. Note: Each intermediary needs to have an Intermediary Declaration in accordance with the FIFA “Regulations on working with intermediaries“. As every other document, the System allows you to upload the Declaration, if your Association requires so.

IM 4.png

The process of searching for intermediaries and intermediary agencies is equal to the process of searching any other person (players, coaches, etc.,) or organizations (eg, clubs, stadiums, etc.). Once you have successfully created the intermediary in the system, you can enter representation contracts between intermediaries (intermediary agencies) and players / clubs.

Player/Club representation contract

After successfully registering authorized intermediaries in the system, the next step is to register representation contracts. Each intermediary or intermediary agency may have more representation contracts with certain clubs and even players. The representation contract authorizesthe natural person (intermediary) or legal person (agency) to represent and protect the interests of player or club in negotiations on contracts or transfers.

AI 6.png

Each registered agency and each registered intermediary, has the option to view and enter contracts. For example, on the agency screen, one click on the "Contracts" tab opens the list all representation contracts on representations made between the agency and the player/club. To create new representation contract, click the "New contract" button at the bottom of the screen, and then enter all the required data.

IM 7.png
IM 8.png

If the selected contract type is "Representation of player", select the player that concludes the contract with the intermediary agency and then complete all mandatory data. In case the contract type is "Representation club", you need to select the club that concludes the representation contract with the intermediary agency (or intermediary).Pressing the "Save" button, the contract will automatically appear on the list of contracts. The contracts between intermediaries (natural persons) and players/clubs are being concluded in a similar way. However, only the intermediaries registered for national associations may have representation contracts for players or clubs. Intermediaries (individuals) registered for intermediary agencies may not have representation contracts. On the screen of each intermediary agency there is a tab"Intermediaries" containing the list of all its agents. In that case, the representation contracts are being established by the intermediary agency.

IM 9.png
IM 10.png

Once you have successfully entered the representation contract between the intermediary and a player or a club, the intermediaries can be included in the player's contract with the club, or the player transfers from one club to another.

Participation of intermediaries in negotiations

Two typical examples of involvement of intermediaries in certain transactions, the first one is during negotiations between club and player on the contract, and the second one is during negotiations regarding player's transfer from one club to another.

Add intermediary to a contract with a club

If an intermediary participates in contract negotiation between player and club, the information on intermediaries and their remuneration are added as a part of a new contract. To add or modify the contract with a club, press the "Active Contracts" tab, and then click on the "Change contract" and finally the button that enables the entry of intermediaries ("+ Intermediary").

IM 12.png

Click on the "+ Intermediary" button opens the screen for selecting the contracting and the contracted parties.

IM 13.png

If a contract is concluded between a player and a club, they are at the same time the parties include. By selecting the contracting party, the system will find all intermediaries that have active representation contracts with that party. If the system finds only one intermediary, it will automatically complete the "Type" and the "intermediary" fields. If there aremore intermediaries, you must select the desired type and the intermediary. After selecting the type of intermediary, the system will enable the functionality that allows you to select the intermediary. If there are no active intermediaries with player/club representation contracts, the list for selecting intermediaries will be empty and you wont be able to enter an intermediary as long as he/she is not previously entered into the system. Also, on the same screen the system allows you to enter intermediary compensations in different currencies. In order to do that, press the "Compensations" button on a previously described screen.

IM 14.png

One click on the "Compensations" button opens the screen to view and enter compensations. To enter new compensation, press the "New compensation" button, then enter a type of compensation, a year, a description, and select the currency of compensation. After entering all the mandatory data, press the "Save" button.

IM 15.png

After adding intermediaries to a contract with a club, they will appear on the screen in new fields, the "Intermediary of player" and the "Intermediary of club" fields. To successfully add an intermediary to a contract, you have to save the entire contract by pressing the "Save" button. If the contract is not successfully saved, the intermediaries wont be stored in the system and you will have to ad them once again to the contract.

IM 17.png

Once the contract has been successfully saved, the intermediary data will appear on the screen and the "Search", "Edit" and "Delete" buttons will be disabled.

IM 16.png

Add intermediary to a player transfer

To add an intermediary to a transfer between two clubs, you need to change the player registration for the destination club and press the “+Intermediary“ button to add intermediary. Of course, the button “+Intermediary“ appears only if a club of origin also exists, that is, if there is a previous player registration for a club of the same type or the same discipline.

IM 18.png

Click on the "+ Intermediary" button opens the screen for selecting the contracting and the contracted parties.

IM 19.png

The workflow is the same as the workflow of entering contract between player and club, with the only difference that in case of transfers, the involved parties are the club of origin and the destination club.

IM 20.png

Once you have added intermediaries to a transfer, you need to save the player registration in order to successfully store the intermediary data in the System.

IM 21.png

Edit or delete intermediaries

To be able to edit or delete intermediary data, press the "Edit contract" button to enable the “Search“, “Edit“ and “Delete“ buttons.

MB 4.png

Once you have entered all necessary modifications, again you have to save the entire contract in order to successfully store changes in the system. To do that, press the "Save" button. If what you want to do is to delete an intermediary, press the "Edit contract" button, and then press the button with the trash icon next to an intermediary that you want to delete.

IM 25.png

Confirm the transaction by clicking the "Delete" button. To complete successfully the whole process, press the "Save" button at the bottom of the "Active contracts" screen.

View intermediaries on player's history

If you have an adequate role, the System allows you to consult at any time all the intermediaries involved in player contracts or transfers to another club. In order to do so, press the "History" tab on the desired player's form.

IM 27.png

Intermediaries and intermediary agencies reports

As always, after entering data into COMET, the system allows you to consult and to get various reports and statistics. If you have an adequate user role, click on the menu item "Associations" in the "Reports and Statistics" module. After entering a desired search criteria, with one click you can obtain reports related to intermediaries (persons or agencies). You can obtain the following reports: "List of registered intermediaries", "List of intermediary representation contracts", "List of recorded intermediary transactions" and "List of recorded intermediary transactions with amounts" – on which you can consult the fees / rewards received in exchange for provided services.

Intermediaries report.png