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Two-step transfer

Two-step transfer are logistically more complex because they involve actions from two different registration bodies. First, the player needs to be released from his current club. This means that his/her active registration for the club of origin will be terminated. Termination of registration will be done by the appropriate authority from the current registration body or it could be done by the club itself, if proper access is granted. This user should select the appropriate reason for the termination. Note: Remember to check for active contracts as well, since you will not be able to remove a registration if there is a contract in place. Once the termination is complete, the player becomes available for new registration. Second step is to register the player for his new club. This is done by the registration center of the destination club or by the new club itself, if proper access is granted. The process of searching for a player, viewing player details, and adding a new registration should be familiar. For detailed instructions, refer to those sections in the manual.