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Domestic transfers

There are two ways to execute a transfer within the same country which depend on the user's level of access:

One-step transfer

One-step transfer is called that way because the realization of it demands a very simple process which takes place within the framework of one registration center. The authorization to carry out the "One-step transfer" depends on the user's position in the organizational hierarchy. This transfer is triggered from the “Active Registrations” tab of the player by clicking on the “Transfer” button. A new section of the screen allows entry of the new registration details, mainly the selection of the destination club. User also needs to enter the end date of the existing registration and the start date of the new registration. Most other entry fields are already filled by the system. When the transfer is completed, the registration for player’s current club is automatically terminated and a new one is created for the destination club (typically in status ENTERED). Both actions are logged in player’s history.

Figure 31.png

As always, the new registration needs to be confirmed by the responsible authority