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Welcome to COMET

COMET is a comprehensive football management IT system, designed to centralize all records related to football clubs, matches and competitions and automate key business processes. COMET covers practically all functionalities required for your football association. Our goal is to make your job easier and to enable integrity and transparency of information and processes across the board. The key functional modules of COMET are: Clubs and Stadiums, Players, Coaches and Staff, Competitions and Match Management, Referees and Match Officials, Organizations and Administration, Reports, Statistics and Analyses, Disciplinary Module, International Affairs. All of these functional modules contain many sub-modules, processes, and functionalities, which are mentioned in more detail later in this document.


The functional modules listed above are used in a very broad scope: Men’s Football, Youth Football [all age categories], Women’s Football, Futsal, Beach Soccer, International [National Team] matches, Senior/Veteran Football.


We hope that this manual will be useful to you, and that you will quickly learn how to effectively use the IT system COMET.