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Introduction to Human Resources

This module manages all relevant information about the organization’s internal structure, departments, job role definitions, and of course about employees, including their personal data, role, work history, contracts, compensation, contact data, skills and competencies like e.g. spoken languages, professional certificates and licenses. It manages the daily attendance of employees at work, by category (e.g. Full-time, Half-Time, Business Trip, Leave, Home-Office, etc.), and enables the allocation and workflow of approval for various types of leave (e.g. Vacation, Unpaid Leave, Sick Leave, etc.). All employees can access their self-service area, where they can see allocated, used and remaining leave days, and make requests. Managers approve or reject requests for leave, and have full transparency into the availability and all relevant personnel data of their subordinates.


How to enter a daily presence / hours worked for employees

The Employee Presence is being managed centrally for all persons by the responsible administrative person. To manage employee’s presence, the responsible person needs to click on the ‘Human resources’ from the main-menu (left side) and then select ‘Daily presence’ option. Upon executing “Human resources” --> ”Daily presence”, the system will show a screen “View of daily presence”:


On left side is the calendar (Section A) that is used to select date. On the right side is the list of employees with their presence. To select employee’s daily presence, person needs to click on one of the check.jpg buttons to select/to enter the employee presence type. The button then becomes "checked" check2.jpg If needed, button ‘Copy from previous workday’ (Section B) can copy data for all employees from the previous day. Afterwards, user can further change/update data for employees whose status is not the one copied but different (e.g. returned from vacation, on a business trip etc.) The legend (Section C) explains the abbreviations of presence statuses. ‘Delete’ button is used to delete presence (Section D).

How to view and manage employee leaves/absences


Execute “Human resources” --> "Leaves”. Then, on the“ Leaves“ console , select an organization unit and an employee in order to view the awarded day, leave requests (in all statuses: preconfirmed, confirmed, rejected, etc.) You can select only the organization unit to view leave requests of every employee in a specific department. Press the pointer next to 'Other' to view extra days for Marriage, Child birth, Moving, Blood donation, Death or illness of close family member, Parental and Sick leave. To check the details of particular leave request, press the magnifier in the Actions section.


You need a day-off? Make a leave request

Execute “Human resources” --> “Leaves”. Then, in order to submit a new leave request, press the check mark either by the number of awarded days, or select one the leave reasons from the dropdown list (Marked on the image above). Under such “New leave request” employee fills a form requesting vacation or some other type of days off. System automatically checks for a number of remaining days and calculates how many days are already in process (previous requests that are pending but not yet approved or rejected). Employee chooses start and end date and system calculates how many days are chosen without public holidays. There is no possibility to choose more days than remained. When choosing other types of days off employee needs to write some description as the reason. Press the 'Save' button to request the leave.


How to approve or confirm Leave Requests

Under Leave section managers see vacation requests that they are in charge off and which were submitted by employees. Managers and Admins can see all leaves: requested, confirmed and rejected.


Manager can choose from 2 options:

  • Pre-confirm - leave days entered by employee is confirmed by Manager
  • Reject – leave request is not confirmed

Final confirmation is done by HR administrator:

  • Confirm – leave days entered by employee is confirmed

How to allocate leave days for your employees

Execute "Human Resources" --> “Leave days allocation". Then in an opened “Leave days allocation" table, you can set for each employee a total vacation days for a current year. There is a possibility to add or subtract calculated number of days giving some description as a reason for such change.


Employees on-boarding and job terminations

In the Human Resources module, you can search for employees and add a new one, if necessary.

You want to review/edit employees’ data? Use „Search employees“

In order to search for employees, click on the console "Search employees" (See image below, section 1). On the new window that opens you can search by various criteria, e.g. by ID, status, National ID, gender, family name or by first name. Once you have entered all the desired criteria, click the "Search" button. The list of all employees will appear on the screen and you can filter it by ID, name, organization, passport number, nationality, etc.


You need to onboard a new employee? Use „New employee“

To add a new employee, click on the console "New employee" on the main menu. Fill in all the mandatory fields and then press the "Save" button. The system will automatically store a new employee into the system. Once you have done that, you can proceed with entering more specific data, if required. The click on the corresponding button allows you to enter a new contract, and you can also consult data on the other employee tabs respective: the "Active contract" tab, the "Contacts" tab, the "Additional info" tab, the "History" tab, the "Status log" tab and the "Custom attributes" tab, (to edit them, first you have to enter the Edit Mode by clicking the "Edit" button). These tabs will be described further on in this paragraph.


How to enter employment contract details for an employee

Execute the steps described above if you are on-boarding a new employee. If you already have entered that employee into ERP, then go to "Search Employee". lookup for “Active Contracts” tab, click the "Add new contact" button, and finally insert all the necessary data. To save changes press the "Save" button. The contract is automatically saved in the system.


Adding extension data to a contract of an employee (Annex of the Contract)

In right side of contract form there is like '+' button, by pressing it, it reveals additional data to employee contract. Sub contract data used for employee/ employer additional requests is displayed. In form you can insert additional subtype contract data, like working hours, place of work, number of hours and sub contract type.


To edit data for input in annex press 'Edit contract' button. Now you can insert/change data in annex contract form.


When finishing with input of 'Annex of the Contract' to save changes press 'Save' , to cancel changes press 'Cancel' button. For Terminating or Expire contract, the Annex behavior is the same like standard employee contract.


How to change or terminate employment contract of an employee

If you need to edit, terminate or expire the contract, find your employee, go to "Active Contracts" and press the "Edit contract" button right below, execute the necessary changes and click the "Save" button. To terminate or to expire the contract, press the corresponding button, insert a reason of the status change and press the "Terminate"/"Execute" button.


Add previous contract for employee

On employee's form, now it is possible to add previous / old contracts for an employee (ex employee organizations). Select the Previous Contracts tab as is shown on pictures below and just click on „Add new contract“ to add empty previous contract. Then click on pencil to edit input and write date period and notes.


Edit or delete an existing entry.


For previous contracts, in the reports - Employees menu exists new report, "Total years of service per employee" which gets total number of years in service in career of employee.

Organization units management

In the Human Resources module, you can search for all organization units and add a new one, if necessary.

Search organization unit

In order to search for organization units, click on the console "Search org. unit" (See image below, section 1). The new window opens and you can search org. units by various criteria, e.g. by ID, status, National ID, abbreviation, name or by parent organization. Once you have entered all the desired criteria, click the "Search" button (see image below, section 2). The list of all organization will appear on the screen and you can filter it by ID, name, place or by country. You can also export the list to PDF or Excel by clicking the corresponding icon it the top right corner of the list. (See image below, section 3),


How to enter or edit an organization unit

In case that the organization you are searching for was not previously added into the system, you can proceed to create it on the same screen, by clicking the corresponding tab "New organization unit". It is also possible to add a new organization unit directly from the main menu, by clicking the corresponding menu item. Insert all the data about the organization unit you want to create and then press the "Save" button.


New organization unit is automatically created and stored in the system. Now you can proceed to add further data. In order to do so, press the "Edit" button. Once in the edit mode, you can upload documents, logo, add map location or arrange/add contact data.


For defining attributes witch has been reported by employee or competent authority, you can use Attributes tab in employee form. In Attribute tab inside drop down list there's defined types of known attributes, which can be specific for individual employee.

How to use Attribute option

To use Attribute in employee form, press Attribute tab, you can now add or view all attribute names.


To edit Attributes press 'Edit', now you can add attribute name, description, field type from drop down list and required or not (true/false) options check box. Also you can delete detail type with delete button.


When you finished with input press 'Save' button for saving attribute records, this is not so important because saving is done in each action.

Additional info

In employee form there is 'Additional info' tab, you can add additional information about education, licenses and personal employee documentation. The data regarding is displayed in list separated by tables. As shown in picture to edit input you can press 'Edit' button.


Adding Employee additional information

After pressing 'Edit' button to add referenced information about employee you can press button shown in image below. In this case we are adding Identification documents. For adding Titles, Languages, Licenses that employee possess you can repeat same procedure.


After pressing the button, you will get form for adding Personal identification document data. For saving press 'Save' button, or press 'Cancel' for canceling.


To edit existing Identification document press button as shown in picture, you can edit to change data regarding Identification. To do this you will get same form like adding Personal identification, but it will be filled by existing ID data.


Adding referenced documentation

If you have additional documentation in .pdf, .doc or other supported formats, you can upload it by pressing Documents button, as shown below. By pressing on selected button you will get additional upload form for uploading documentation referenced with additional employee documentation.


As you can see on form there is filtered documentation about Personal documentation, by adding more files in list by pressing choose button the Type of files will be filtered with Personal documents type. In different upload form Titles, Licenses and Languages the file types will be filtered by type also. By pressing on 'choose' button you can chose file on local disk. After choosing file, it will be displayed on list like (Degree; ID card, passport...) on picture, or it can be filtered by Personal Documents type. After doing so you can view all documentation by all Types in 'Documents' button.


Printing report for employee

To get info records employee and employer bound by Contracts and also additional tabs there is printed version. You can get it by pressing Print button: