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Case Registry

This module manages electronical creation, filing and follow-up of all internal, ingoing and outgoing correspondence in an organisation, and is particularly suitable for governing bodies. Records/documents are being stored electronically with all relevant meta-data (date, type, sender/receiver, reference, etc.) and are grouped into cases. The physical location and all movements of the case between locations, organizations or individuals is tracked. The system also allows flexible configuration of case types, roles, and rules for identification/numbering of records. The system supports the workflow for approval and distribution of outgoing correspondence, using predefined document templates, and tracks all open tasks of individuals within the organization. This module contains several consoles: Search cases, New cases, My cases, Pending cases, Unapproved cases and Unsent cases.


Search Cases

The “Search Cases” function is used for searching through the database of cases in the system. If a case was created in ERP at some point, you will be able to find it through this function. Menu item “Search Cases” will call up an empty search form to enter search criteria (see below).


Once you define your criteria e.g. all the open cases, press the button search to get the full list.


To see the case details, click on the case you want to work on.

Edit case

You can use the paginator in the top right corner to navigate between cases. Press the edit button to change case name, date, direction, sender/receiver or case type.


For editing case documents use the magnifier icon. Preview the attached document by pressing the blank paper document with the number of documents in the brackets. If you want to delete the case document, select the trash can icon.


When the particular case is not active and you don't expect to receive any more documents, press the close case button.

New Case

Select the New Case section on the left side menu to open a new case. Date will be automatically set on today however, you can change it manually. If you have received the case document, select IN for direction. If you're sending the case document, select OUT.


Type in the case name and short description. Description is not a mandatory field. If the sender or receiver is a legal person previously entered in the system (section Code list->New Partner), select the checkmark box and choose the legal person from the list. If the sender is a physical person, not entered in the system, you can simply type in the name in the blank field. Choose the case type, e.g. Public Relatons, Finance, Legal, etc. by pressing the magnifier. Once you're done with opening new case, press the save button.


Press the button NEW at the bottom of the page to start adding case documents.

New case document

The new window opens for each case document. Fill in the blank fields-date, doc. name, reference and add notes. All the information in this window will be used for creation of your final document, so make sure it is error free. Again you can add recipients, both physical and legal persons from the system. Once you're done with your new case document, press the button Save.


Your new case will be added to the list of all cases documents related to this case. Press the magnifier to edit the document and download it in word or pdf.


My Cases

Select the menu item My tasks to see the full list of your tasks.

Case status

Outgoing case documents can have different statuses. The first status is status Not approved marked in red, i.e. person who created the case document must wait for the approval from his/her superior. After the superior has approved the document, the document will have a new status marked in green Approved. The last status is status Sent, once the document has left the organization.

Pending cases

Pending cases are all the cases in active status, i.e. cases that haven't been closed, where the last case document has the direction IN. In this situation, you should close all the cases which don't need further answers.

Unapproved cases

Unapproved cases are all the cases which have outgoing documents ready to be send, but need approval.


Unsent cases

Unsent cases are all the cases which have outgoing documents approved and ready to be send.