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Administration of organizations/associations is exclusively the responsibility of the SUPERUSER of the national football association. Only the SUPERUSER is able to add, edit or delete data of other associations governed by the national football association of his/her country.

Associations 1.png

In most cases SUPERUSER will:

  • change general data of an association (Selection A)
  • change contacts information (Selection B)


At any time you can check the hierarchy of certain organization/association. In order to do so, press the "Sub-organizations" tab on the main screen of the organization.


One click on the "Sub-organizations" tab opens the list of all organizations under the parent organization. Each row is also a link that takes you to a sub-organization with all its details.


From the main menu you can easily access the screen for entering new officials or for searching the existing ones. You can do it also from the main screen of the organization. On click on the "Officials" tab opens all the officials previously entered into the system (see image below, section 1),


In the majority of cases, the SUPERUSER is a user responsible for entering, editing and reviewing data of the official of his/hers association/organization. To enter new official, press the "New official" button on the main screen of the organization in question (see image above, section 2). Once you have entered all the mandatory data, press the "Save" button. New official is automatically stored in the system. Once click on the magnifier icon automatically opens the details of the official. On that screen you can see, edit, update data as long as you have the appropriate user role that has permission to perform those actions.


Like in every organization, when planning activities for the year, football associations need to take into account various types of events and calendar dates, some of which are set by other related organizations. For example, all departments need to be aware of national holidays, competition departments should be aware of FIFA match dates, regional association should take into account important events scheduled at the national level, referee departments need to know when to plan education seminars for their staff, etc. Your COMET system already contains information about certain types of events: competitions, matches and national team preparations. This basic model is extended to allow tracking and planning of other types of events, specifically various seminars & generic calendar events. COMET allows you to enter all relevant events in the system and view them at any moment on the calendar of the organization. The system includes the ability to show or hide different types of events and add events of other organizations.

New calendar event

In order to create a new calendar event, click the main menu item „New calendar event“, marked in red on the image below.


Immediately a new screen opens. Insert all mandatory data: status, organization, name, short name, place, event start & end date (Image, section 1) and in the text field on the right side enter the description of an event (Image, section 2). In order to make the event easily identifiable on the calendar, you can also choose a specific event colour. A default colour will be set initially, and to change it use the colour-picker tool that appears on the screen (Image, section 3). Changing the colour is not mandatory; however, it becomes useful when the calendar of the organization starts to fill up. Once you have entered all the data, press the Save button and the event will be stored in the system.


Search calendar event

Any stored event can be found and further modified by the user if necessary. In order to find an existing event, click the “Search calendar event” menu item and enter any known search criteria. You can search by any combination of various criteria, e.g., by ID, Status, Organization, Name, etc. Press the "Search“ button to view the list of all matching events, then click on any item in the list in order to view its details.


Calendar of an organization

Any association in the system will have a „Calendar“ tab that shows the calendar events owned or organized by this entity. At any moment in time, users can consult the calendar and select exactly which types of events they need to see.


You can choose between several filters (or include all) to obtain desired details. You can specify hierarchy level by excluding or including events owned by parent and child organizations. You can also select to show or hide certain event types, such as nat. team preparations, educational seminars (if you track them in COMET) or general calendar events. If you want to include competition, mark the appropriate check box and then select the specific competition that is important for you. The system allows you to click the “+Add” button and search through the list of competitions and add them to the list.


After any changes to the selections above, make sure to click the „Apply filters“ button and the calendar will be refreshed with the latest information. By default the calendar opens to show current month, but you can change it to month, week or day view (Image below, section 1) and then go through the calendar month by month, week by week or day by day (Image below, section 2). You can also export the calendar as PNG (Image below, section 3), or download an annual calendar (Image below, section 4).


Annual calendar (image below)

Annual Cal.png

Below the calendar there is a legend, explaining all the events previously entered into the system and below the legend there are the „Print“ and „Export as PNG“ buttons that enable you to get the printed version of the calendar at any moment (see image below).