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First registration

“First registration” is used only when a coach is entered into the system for the first time, whether he/she is a beginner who recently joined a local club or a foreign coach who moved from abroad. In order to be certain that a coach requires “First registration,” you may wish to do a search of existing coaches, before beginning with your data entry. Figure below shows the form for entering the first registration, and corresponding menu item on the left.

Figure 33.png

After filling out the form above, click the "Save" button to create the registration. The initial status of a new registration is set to "ENTERED". A new registration should be confirmed by the responsible person from the responsible authority. Depending on the organization's structure and rank, this could be the national federation or a regional association. The next step is to upload all required documents upon which the registration is done. Based on these documents, the responsible person from the responsible authority will make a decision and confirm registration. The list of required documents will depend on the rules of your federation. Here are some typical documents:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of ID Card
  • Contract
  • Medical Report
Figure 34.png

Search coaches

The “Search coaches” function is used for searching through the database of registered coaches in the system. If a coach was registered in COMET at some point, you will be able to find him/her through this function. Menu item “Search coaches” will call up an empty search form, similar to “First registration” form, to enter search criteria.

Figure 35.png

After entering “Franco” as last name and pressing the button “Search” you will get a list of all coaches with last name “Franco”. The last column in the list shows the Club where the coach is actively registered. If this field is empty, then the listed coach does not have an active registration. That means that the coach is available for registration.

Figure 36.png

Remember that it is possible to search using one or more fields on the form, in which case search criteria are combined. Also note that you can use the wildcard character ( * ) when searching in text fields. For example, if you enter “ Fr*o” for the last name, the search results will show all players with last names starting with “Fr” and ending with “o”.

View coach

Clicking on a Coach in the list of coaches will get all details about the coach and about his/her registration (see example below). You will notice that the screen is organized in a familiar fashion. Top section displays basic personal information that identifies an individual, and all other details are shown on multiple tabs at the lower part of the screen. The first tab displays only the active coaching registration for a specific football club, while any other previous registrations would be listed on the History tab. A coach may also have an active contract, but this is not required. However, if a coach has an active contract, then he is required to have an active registration as well. Note: This is the same rule that applies to players' contracts.

Figure 37.png

Editing a coach and registering additional information

By clicking on the “Edit” button, the fields on the form become editable and you can change or add information about the chosen coach. Typically, during the first registration process the user fills out only required information. At some point it may become necessary to modify existing data or add more information. You can use the fields provided on the “Additional information” tab and “Custom attributes” tab. “Additional information” tab keeps the following data about the coach:

  • additional personal documents
  • coaching license level
  • knowledge of languages
  • physical characteristics (height, weight, clothing size, etc.)
  • personal information
Figure 38.png

The information on the tab labeled “Custom attributes” varies from country to country and the administrator is responsible for creating the custom fields that you need to enter. The section that follows explains in more detail.

Change coach level

Once the coach has been successfully created in the system, the coach level can still be changed. In order to do so, click the "Additional information" tab and then the button with the pencil icon.

Coach level.png

Now select from the drop down list the desired level ("Title type"), insert the date "from" and then press the "Save" button.

Title type.png

The changes are immediately stored and visible in the system.

Administering custom fields*

This is an advanced admin functionality that applies only to system administrators.

Figure 39.png

Initially, there are no custom attributes shown in the system. However, system administrators can define additional custom information that will be stored about each player. These fields can be of different data types: one line text, multiple line text, number or date. The system will make required data validation based on the definition of the field. Note: Custom fields are only defined once and they apply to all players in the national association.

Registration of an available coach

Available coach is a coach who does not have an active registration. That means that he/she is not coaching any club. After finding the coach in the system, you can register the coach by clicking on “New registration”.

Figure 40.png

In this case registration process is the same as for first registration. Just fill in and submit the data and then wait for confirmation from the responsible person from the responsible authority.

Termination of registration

This action is performed when, for some reason, the club wants to terminate registration of a player. In order to complete the termination, it is necessary to enter the date of termination and the reason for the termination.

Figure 41.png

Once the registration is terminated, the player is available for a new registration. Registration can be terminated only after the active contract is already terminated. (See Contract termination)


Workflows for coaching contracts are exactly the same as workflows for player contracts.


Workflows for transfers of coaches are exactly the same as workflows for transfers of players.