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User roles in charge of adding, changing or deleting club data records:

  • SUPERUSER of the national association
  • administrator of clubs in national/regional associations

If a club has more than one team, all teams can be added on the "Teams" tab (see Selection A). For later use in competitions, it is important to know that each team can also be a member of a competition, not only the main club. Players that are registered for the club are also eligible to play for any club team. The same rule applies to coaches and staff. While you are viewing the information about a particular club, notice that there are also tabs for fast viewing & searching of:

  • players (see Selection B)
  • coaches and staff (e.g. doctors, physiotherapist, etc.) (see Selection C);
  • officials (president, secretary, contact person) (see Selection D);

Note: Administrator of clubs or the SUPERUSER can easily add new staff person by clicking on option "New club staff" on the left menu. Similarly, he/she can easily add new officials by clicking on the "New official" menu item.

Clubs Tabs.png

A very important field for a club, in terms of registrations of players, is RANK (see Selection H). For example, in most national associations, if a club has Rank 1 then it is a professional club which plays in first division league. In many countries, only first rank clubs can be professional. If a SUPERUSER or administrator of clubs changes the club rank, this also changes the club status to professional or amateur.

Club kits section applies only to clubs and contains information on club colors (see Selection E). Administrator of clubs is able to input multiple kits for each club with all the appropriate kit details. For example, a club wears one set of colors when playing at their home stadium and another set when playing away games. For each kit the user can select the colors of the player’s jersey, shorts and socks (example below).

Figure 15.png

A click on a "Sanctions" tab (Slection E) opens a list of sanctions of all entities in the system registered for the club (players, coaches, officials and of the club itself).

Club Sanctions.png

A click on a "Matches" tab (Selection F) opens a calendar with all scheduled matches of all club teams, played and programmed. On the first screen appears a current month with all matches, but it is possible to search scheduled matches by month, week or a day (See image bellow).

Club Matches.png

All other data segments are the same as for associations (i.e. general data, contacts, status log).

"Colour" of the competition

While creating the competition, there is a functionality that enables you to select the colour of the competition so that all the matches of the respective competition appear on the calendar marked in a previously selected colour. In order to do so, press the "Edit" button, select the desired colour and then press the "Save" button.

Boja natjecanja.png

After that, upon the click on the "Matches" tab of the desired club, all the matches of that club will appear marked in accordance with the previously selected competition colour.